ALL Subscriptions Have Been Canceled

Please read through this before taking any action.

I've cancelled everyone's accounts.

Anyone who bought months (or a year) in advance will still retain access to the site until their next billing date. Only at that time, your access to the site will stop.

A Correction

In my previous post, I mentioned that the major cost of the site was the payment processors being used.

That statement was incorrect.

The majority of the cost of the site is Mailgun, the service used to send email notifications when posts are made. So I'll be cancelling newletter subscriptions on the site. Due to the timing of Mailgun billing, newlsetters will stop on November 1.

That said, I will be continuing to post early-access stuff (when available) here on the site to make sure that people get access to what they paid for.

Again, I apologize for all this, but I have to downsize as much as possible right now to keep my finances in order.

If things pick up and my ad revenue goes up, I may conside other options in the future.

In the meantime, if you'd like to continue to support my work, please do so  via any of the following methods:

Thank you for your support.